Rose In My Heart

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Howdy, my name is Lenny Moran. I would like to thank everybody thats poppin’ in on the website. I hope your havin a great day. I’m not quite sure what your gonna see in the future on our site but, then again who knows what the future holds. One thing I do will be my privilege to share some of the experiences and photos of the new frineds I’ve gotten to meet across the country while out on the road. With today’s technology and the help of our friends at iMark Webs, I decided to put together one of them there websites to use as a daily postcard and a diary for things that I experience from this day on. Just as a reminder, I’m new at truckin’, new at promotin’ and kinda new at writin’.

18 months ago I jumped in a 2007 International with a 45 foot flatbed and started enjoyin’ life at the ripe old age of 50...I have yet to look back. Spendin’ time on the road from Laredo to Puwcatuck, from Concordia to Daytona and places in between. Since my early 20’s I’ve dabbled with writin’ lyrics that I’d like to share with you. With the help of friends in the music business from Pittsburgh, Lauderdale, Hilton Head and Nashville. These friends inspired me to carry on with writing. My 1st experience with co-writing was with Al Schneider from Pittsburgh. While working as a bartender, I would head over to his studio and he would show me the ropes of composing and recording.

Some of the songs that you will hear on the site have been recently recorded in Nashville, TN. I’d usually pull in on Friday, stay at the TA and walk over to Music Row. I was fortunate enough to knock on the right door at the right time and there i met Rick Dixon. Rick is a long-time producer who sat me down and gave me his opinion and his thoughts on some of the words that I wanted to lay to music. Introducing me to the Music Row scene was one of the most exciting moments I’ve encountered in my life. Within hours I had the privilege of having Ms. Jennifer Allsion Stokes sing a song I had written 20 years prior.

Since then I’ve made my journey to Nashville over a dozen times. While down there I’ve recorded some sessions with the daughter of my close friends Kurt and Julie Erickson. Her name is Jessie Erickson and I’m proud to have her sing and co-write some of what you will hear.

I’ll be on the road this week, destination unknown but one thing I can tell you...I will do my best to make you laugh, make you think and make you wonder. “Where in the world is Lenny Moran today?”.
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